WordPress 101 , Build Your First WordPress Website

Who?  For people who want to learn (or re-learn) how to build a brand new WordPress Website from a clean install
How? Bring your own laptop,  we will do a fresh WordPress install in class – Or you can learn on one of our Gesher laptops in class

Why WordPress?

WordPress is FREE Opensource Software
Community; WordPress Virtual Meetup Groups are free to join and attend
You don’t need to learn “how to code” to build a website, unless you want to.
Numbers! 42% of the web is WordPress!!! (Forbes by way of WordPress)

What you’ll Learn:

The Basics of WordPress; Dashboard, Themes, Basic Plugins
Put words and pictures on newly created web pages, include your logo and contact info
Link web pages to make a navigation
Create a fully formed mini website in just two 2.5 hour classes!
Hosting and Safety, SSL

Dates: July 11, 13, 1pm to 3:30pm (5 hours total)
Fee: $100 fee (Scholarships available)

For more information and to register, please contact Dave Rotter, Computer Training Supervisor, [email protected] or 248-233-4243.