Annual Report


Thank you to all who supported Gesher Human Services during the 2022/2023 fiscal year!

Mackinac Bridge


Penny and Harold Blumenstein

The Elaine Stern Foundation

Huntington Bank

Jewish Federation of Metro Detroit

The Ravitz Foundation

Milton Zussman (z”l)

Ambassador Bridge


Adeena Ascher

Ben N. Teitel Charitable Trust

Barbara and Harold Beznos

Joseph Craine

The D. Dan and Betty Kahn Foundation

DeRoy Testamentary Foundation

Donald R. and Esther Simon Foundation

Elaine and Eugene (z”l) Driker

David Jaffe and Erica Peresman

The Ethel Hyman and Rose Kaplan Foundation

Shari and Stanley Finsilver

First Merchants Bank


Goodman Family Charitable Trust

Nancy and Jim Grosfeld

James Jacobs

The Jewish Fund

Kenwal Steel Corporation

Barbara and Michael Kratchman

Nicole and Matt Lester

Lula Wilson Trust

The Marjorie & Maxwell Jospey Foundation

Marvin and Betty Danto Family Foundation

Lisa Keramedjian Meer and Brian Meer

Erin and Jonathan Modiano

Cyril Moscow

Network of Jewish Human Services Agencies

O’Toole Family Fund

Stephanie and Jeffrey Perry

Pershing Advisor Solutions LLC

Sonia and Keith  Pomerory

Stacey and Jason Raznick

Brenda and Howard Rosenberg

Bluma Schechter

Eli Scherr

Bea and Paul Schwarzbaum


Fran and George Stern

Stone Foundation of Michigan

Taft, Stettinius & Hollister LLP

Julie and Rick Zussman

Gordie Howe International Bridge

Janet Aronoff


Faye and Paul Blatt


Comerica Bank

Douglas C. Lane & Associates

Emily and Josh Eichenhorn

Fieldman Family Foundation

Lauren and Phillip Fisher

Greenleaf Trust

Kristen and Carl Gross

Lois Haron

Dennis Helfman

Henry Ford Health

Linda and Andy Jacob

Jewish Women’s Foundation

Law Offices of Melvin M. Raznick, P.C.

Katie and Evan Leibhan

David Lustig

Marjory and Donald Epstein Family Charitable Foundation

Karen and Richard Minkin

Rochelle and Brian Raznick

Charles Rothstein

Sara Eason Trust

Harriet and Richard Shapack

Annette Sipher (z”l)

Strategic Staffing Solutions

The Woll-Yellin Family Foundation

Lori and Alan Zekelman

Elizabeth Harrow and David Zussman

Blue Water Bridge

Ellen and Cary Adelman

Karen and Eric Adelman

Ahead, LLC

Judy and Jeff Aisen

Karen and Allen Amber

AMROCK Commercial




Buck Baker

Beaumont Health Foundation

Michael Bernstein

Adam Blanck

Joan Brawer

Barbara Bressack

Rhonda and Morris Brown

Jane E Brumer-Cullen

Tracey and Mark Burnstein

Butzel Long

Robyn and Robert Canvasser

The Chris and Russ Murphy Foundation

Mynetta and Adrian Christie

Couzens, Lansky, Fealk, Ellis, Roeder, Lazar, P.C.

Carol Craine

Julie and Peter Cummings

Peggy Daitch

David Horodoker Organization

Ethan and Gretchen Davidson

Dickinson Wright PLLC

Sue Ellen and Harold Dubrowsky

Edw. C. Levy Co.

Edward I Fleischman Foundation

Ann and Rick Edwards

Barbara and Gary Eisenberg

Equipment Trading Co. Inc

Erwin and Roberta Madorsky Philanthropic Fund

The Farbman Group

Feinberg Consulting

Carol and Ronald Fogel

Dale and Bruce Frankel

Bernard Friedman

Linda and Harold Friedman

Galerie Camille

Helen and Jeffrey Garden

Marcia Garland

Louis Glazer

Paula and Louis Glazier

Globe Midwest / Adjusters International


Jill Greenspan Gun

Greenstone’s Fine Jewelry

Frances and David Grossman

Jody and Richard Grossman

Jill and David Guz

Linda and Stephen Hayman

Barbara Heller

Richard Herman

Doreen Hermelin

Hermelin Family Support Foundation

Julie and Robert Hertzberg

Hodges Subaru

HS Foundation

Jill and Lee Hurwitz

Ileane and Bruce Thal Philanthropic Fund

Patty and Noah Jacob

Sarah and Adam Jacob

Luke Jacobi

Geri and Melvin Kaftan

Marla and Jeffrey Kaftan

Karen and Joel Kahn

Libby and David Kaplan

Kaps Wholesale Food Services

Hannah Karbal (z”l)

Ann Katz

Gail Katz

Linda and Dennis Kayes

Michael and Beverly Kent Goldenberg

Kenyon Management Corporation

Kepes and Wine, P.C.

Andrea and John Kessler

Aileen and Harvey Kleiman

Carol and Mitchell Klein

Carolyn Krieger

Andrea LaFontaine

Gail and Donald Lansky

Barbara and Robert Lavine

Law Offices of Kristen R. Gross, P.C.

Valerie and Richard Leebove

Sandy Lefkofsky

Sallyjo and Barry Levine

Cindy and Albert Ludwig

Paige Lustig

David and Betsy Madorsky

Maurice and Lori Pogoda Philanthropic Fund

Joy and Allan Nachman

Naturally Photography

Nancy and Charles Nida

Sybil Weinstein Offen

Marcie and Robert Orley

Pals Philanthropic Fund

PCE Systems

Ora Pescovitz

Pharmasource LTC.

PNC Bank

Real Estate Interest Group, Inc

Jay Richman

Eunice Ring

Leah and Daniel Rosenbaum

Julie and Adam Rothstein


Elise and David Schostak

Alan Schwartz

Senior Solutions Management Group

Miry and Dan Serlin

Nancy and Howard Serlin

Eva Shapiro

Carrie and David C. Shook

Marie Sickon-Burke

Simmons and Clark Jewelers

Jay Slavsky

Star Trax Events

Gail Stewart

Myra Stone

Debbie and Jeff Supowit

Joel Tauber

Anita and Ronald Taylor


Temple Israel

Denise and Michael Tobin

Janice and Arnold Tracht

United Way for Southeastern Michigan

Vesco Oil Corporation

Idell Weisberg

Steven Weisberg

William Davidson Foundation

Andrea and Larry Wolfe

Ralph Woronoff

Laura and Ron Yolles – Hirschhorn

Linda and Dr. Harvey Zalla

Zilwaukee Bridge

The Albert & Doris Pitt Charitable Trust

Alerus Retirement and Benefits

Allan and Joy Nachman Philanthropic Fund


Eleanor and Leonard Aronovitz

Meredith Weston-Band and Jeffrey Band

Roz and Stanford Blanck

Marshall Blau

Doris and Frederick Blechman

Nancy and David Bogdan

Jerome Bookstein

Heidi and Jeffrey Budaj

Denise and Jason Charnas

Joan Chernoff-Epstein

Choice One Bank

Dani Gillman and Ben Chutz

Maryann Cromwell

The David Korn Trust

Janis and Harvey Eisman

Shelley and Michael Eizelman

Judy and Irwin Elson

The Elwood & Carol Simon Family Foundation

Diane Farber

Blanca Fauble

Suzanne and Jonathan Fellows

Janet and David Gans

Yousif Ghafari

Jodi and Rob Goodman

Jen Green

Elaine Greenspan

Robert Hartsuff

Harvey Heller

Helene and Arthur Indianer

Linda and Mark Jacobs

Andrea and David Jacobson

James H. and Constance Wineman Family Philanthropic Fund

Terry Kahan

Hsiao Ping Katz

Betsy and Joel Kellman

Linda Klein

Linda Kole

Sarah and Neal Krasnick

Renee and Marty Laker

Melissa and Larry Lax

Lynne Levine

Ann and David Levy

Lisa and Hannan Lis

Judith and Robert Liss

Lynne Ludwig

Aubrey Macfarlane

Donna and Michael Maddin

Florine Mark

Anne and Jeffrey Mendelson

Ellen and Jerold Minkin

Alexandra and Ryan Mollen

Anita and Robert Naftaly

Julie Nelson-Klein

Morton Noveck

Susan and Norman Pappas

Roberta Patt

Jean Phelan

Antoinette Pilzner

Emily and Jeffrey Pitt

Priority Health

Gail Danto & Art Roffey

Jo and Andy Rosen

Stephanie and Jared Rosenbaum

Lisa and Dr. Steve Rotter

Harriet Rotter (z”l)

Daniella Saltz

Myrna and Joseph Salzman

Linda and Robert Schmier

Kim and Walter Schram

Susan Schulman

Jane and Dr. Richard S. Schwartz

Seligman Family Foundation

Kent Sharkey

Sandra and Charles Shaw

Amy and Craig Singer

Sherry and Abraham Singer

Carol and Sam Sobel

Susan Sosnick

Patricia and John Tector

Connie and Peter Vetowich

Janet Voisine

Berta and Nathan Volz

Barbara and David Wallace

Elysa and Michael Weil

Lora Weingarden

Linda and Martin Weissman

Diane and Paul Widlak

Beverly and Hadley Wine

Sharyl and Steven Woronoff

Howard Wright

Sault Ste Marie International Bridge

Alan and Sharyl Ackerman

Judith and Joel Adelman

Susan and Dr. Larry Adler

Lynn and James Alexander

David and Colleen Allen

Marcy Allen

Barbara Hillman and Allen Rubiner

John Almstadt

Diane Alvin

Vicki Anderson



Margo Apple

Sharon and Thomas Arendshorst

Arlyne and Lewis Imerman Philanthropic Fund

Roxie Armstrong

Arttress Askew

Judith Auslander

Donna Avelar

Linda and Joseph Aviv

Kevin Babcock

Neil Babitch

Michael Bagley

James Bakle

Gerard Baltrusaitis

Elizabeth and Eliot Bank

Deborah Banooni

Dr. Hamid Banooni

Judith Barahal

Nancy and David Barbour

Jennifer Barish

Lena Barkley

Angela Barr

Nancy and Richard Barr

Evelyn Barrack

Arlene and William Barris

Steven and Barbara Pia Bartley

Lisa Bartoletto

Ann and Leonard Baruch

Marisa Bassin

Frank Bateman

Steven Bayer

Sarah Beauregard

Linda and Henry Bechek

Linda Benaderet

Amy Ben-Ezra

David and Beth Benyas

Barbara Berger

Helen and Jack Berke

Gail Berkove

Laura Berkowitz

Cheryl and Arnold Berlin

Emma and Izya Berman

Janet Berman

Janet and Abraham Berman

Sherrill and Michael Berman

Stephen Bernacki

Anaruth and Henri Bernard

Stacie and Joshua Bernard

Jan Berris

Donna Berry

Barbara and Stanley Bershad

Jennifer and Howard Binstock

Barbara and Ronald Blackman

Linda Blatt

Linda and Paul Blumberg

Elaine and Mark Blumenfeld

Linda Blumstein

Nancy and Lawrence Bluth

Cheryl and Marc Bocknek

Peggy Bookstein

Carolyn Borman

Hilary and Stuart Borman

Sharon Borsand

Josh and Jenna Borson

Mark Boyanowski

Carie and Brian Branch

Sara Braverman

Sarah Brittan

Helene Brodsky Brody

Susan and Jay Brody

Edith Broida

Angela Brown

Lisa and Robert Brown

Harriet Brumer

Brundidge Management Corp.

Bryan Amann, PLLC

Julie and Bill Buccalo

Sharon Burde

Barbara and Marty Burnstein

Peter Calandra

Larry Callahan

Hugh Camitta

Michelle and Glenn Cantor

Natalie Capicchioni

Carl’s Golfland

Sheri and Chris Cataldo

Philip and Joyce Celniker

Michelle Cenowa

Mark Chafetz

Alicia and Jeff Chandler

Ida Chapin

Kitty Charns

Sam Cherrin

Ellen Yashinsky Chute

Susie and Robert Citrin

Joan and Jeff Climie

Carol Cohen

Fern and Irwin Cohen

Ina Cohen

Jake Cohen

Marc Cohen

Laura and Edward Cohn

Louise and Robert Coleman

Debbie and Andrew Colman

Community and Home Supports

F. Patrick Connolly

Jody Conradi Stark

Barbara and Jerry Cook

Fran Cook

Marla and John Crane

James M. Croskey

Todd Culver

Tamra and Larry Cuneaz

Laltsha Cunningham

Don Czaplicki

Lynda and Walter Czeizler

Lauren and Marvin Daitch

Lisa Daniels-Goldman

Sandy and James Danto

Vivek Dave

Gayle and Bruce Davenport

Randy Dean

Mary and Kevin DeBaker

Rene and Gary Dell

Robert Delyon

Jean Denning

Stacey and David Deweese

Linee Diem

Carol Dishell

Aimee Dittenber

Linda Dobrusin

Shari and Eric Dobrusin

Dorothy and Hershel Sandberg Charitable Fund

LeeAnna Dorsey

Sheree Dorsey

Joann Drasnin

Jennifer and Stephen Driker

Jean and Howard Dubin

Lisa Dunlap Krieger

Jan and Marc Dunn

Dan Duranso

Terri and Michael Dworkin

Julie Edgar

Rita and Judson Edidin

Nancy and William Edmunds

Doris Edut

Nanci and Allen Einstein

Alexander Eisenberg

Teddie and Adam Eisenberg

Lisa and Joel Stuart Elconin

Estelle and Philip Elkus

Ronald Elkus

Lisa Ellias

Judy Elmore

Pat and Thomas Endres

Judy and Isaac Engelbaum

Joan Ensink

Barbara Epstein

Barbara Evans

Scott Evans

Sandi and Gary Faber

Edie Fagenson-Rubin

Julie and Bart Feinbaum

Adrienne and Robert Feldstein

Elizabeth Fellows

Jane Fenkell

Michelle Ferries

Ellyce and Dr. Stephen Field

Elaine Fieldman

Elizabeth Fields

David Fink

Joan and Dr. Fred Fischer

Gail and Steven Fisher

Myda and Glen Fisher

Ann Fishman

Janice Fitzhugh

David Flaisher

Francee Ford

Janet and William Forge

Susan Formaker

Rocco Franco

Lou Frango

Beverly and David Frank

Peggy and Dennis Frank

Steven Frank

Pam and Michael Friedman

Iris and James Fuller

Et and Sandy Gaffe

Elayne Galin

Rosalind and Amari Gandy

Beth Gans

Phyllis and Allen Gantman

Lisa and Richard Garfinkel

Arlene and Philip Gartenberg

Charles Gelfond

Harriet Gelfond

Erica and Ralph Gerson

Jillian Geyman

Janice Gipprich

Janet Gladstone

Sandra Glazier

Nancy Glen

Bree Glenn

Catherine and Kirk Jude Goddard

LuAnn and Ted Goewey

Robyn Gold

Alison (Abby) and Donald Goldbaum

Barbara and Fred Goldberg

Marilyn Goldberg

Ted Goldberg

Linda and Joel Golden

Iris and Stuart Goldstein

Barbara and Paul Goodman

Margo and Steve Goodman

Rebecca Goodman

Fran and Michael Goran

Carolyn Gordon

Pamela Gordon

Veronica Gordon

Melanie Gorman

Gorman’s Furniture

Marla and Mr. Neil Gorosh

Beth Gotthelf

Pam and Howard Gourwitz

Barbara Grant

Alesandra Graves

Karron Graves-Briceno

Anne and Eugene Greenstein

Judy Greenwald

Richard Gregorczyk

Maeher Grewal

Sarah Grogan

Amy and Eric Grosinger

Elissa Grossman

Michelle Guisewite

Jill and Alana Gun

Karen and David Gunsberg

Barbara and Stephen Gutman

Karen and Howard Gutman

Cheryl Guyer

Guys N Gals

Ruth and Gary Haberkorn Halm

Jennifer and David Hack

Shon Halacka

Faith Hamilton

Nancy and William Handelman

Rose and David Handleman

Gwendolyn and Donald Hardy

Pamela and David Haron

Marianne Harpster

Shirley and Merle Harris

Terrence Hart

Kathleen and James Haselmaier

Timothy Haugh

Jane and Andrew Hauser

Sandra Hauser

Anita Havas

Emiko Hayashi

Roslind Hayes

Gloria Perlmutter Hecker

Beth and Mark Heitchue

Jennifer Heitchue

Stephen Hendershot

Laurie and Douglas Hepner

Hershey Company

Nicole Hertzberg

Betsy and Jeffrey Heuer

Paul Hibbs

Meredith and Jason Hillman

Florence Hindbaugh

Cindy and Danny Hirsch

Heidi and Jason Hirsch

Lois Hitchcock

Bambi Hites

Debbie and Alan Hitsky

Michelle Hollingsworth

Kevin Holloway

Lisa Holton

Judith Holtz

Sally and James Hooberman

Marla Hornsten

Barbara and Michael Horowitz

Patricia Hubert

Ruth Hurvitz

Hurvitz Family Fund

DeJeanne and Mike Huston

Lily Indenbaum

Steven Ingber

Joy Inniss-Johnson

Beth & Andrew Isola

Michele Israel

Jack Kaufman, CPA

Connie Jacob

Susie and Michael Jacob

Gilda Jacobs

Jessica Jacobs

Jane and Ozzie Jacobson

Nancy and Joseph Jacobson

Robyn, Bella and Benji Jacobson

Sherrie James

Jeanne Jantzen

Jamie Statham and Joel Applebaum

Bruce Jordan

James Jordan

David Gach, JP Morgan Chase

Mari and Sheldon Kaftan

Tammy and Jeffrey J. Kahan

Elaine Kahn

Inna Kalinik

Patricia and Daniel Kaminsky

Josh and Allie Kanter

Sherry Kanter

Katie and Scott Kantor

Sherry Kantor

Allison and Steve Kaplan

Rosan Kaplan

Sher and Sanford Kaplan

Lois and Rob Kaplow

Hazel and Robert Karbel

Tracy Karbel

Janice and Harold Katzman

Lenora Kaufman

Rosann and Jack Kaufman

Sue and Alan Kaufman

Carol Kay

Jackie and Pat Keith

Joyce and Michael Keller

Reva Keller

Carolyn Kelly

Janet Kelman

Heidi Kemper

Genise Kerner, MD

Hilary and Edan King

Linda Kingston

Dorian Kirejczyk

Brian and Risa Kirschner

Nori and Mark Klar

Eileen, Mark and Carly Kleiman

Christine and Peter Klein

Danielle and Joshua Klein

Donna and Sheldon Klein

Stacy and Ron Klein

Steven R. and Diane K. Klein

Jonathon Koenigsberg

Rayna Kogan

Wendy and Lawrence Kohlenberg

Elyse and Dr. Brian Kolender

David Komisar

Zieva and Marc Konvisser

Bonnie and Marty Korchak

Myda Korkigian Fisher

Linda Korobkin

Cheryl and Milton Kovinsky

Wendy and John Kowalski

Bonnie and Mark Kowalsky

Sharon Kraar

Angela & Mike Kramar

David Kramer

Zina and Michael Kramer

Mary Krasman

Lisa Kraus


Kimberly and Richard Kruger

Rosanne and Thomas Kukes

Julie Kupsov

Jennie Kurth

Ellen and Dr. James Labes

Sandra and Sherwyn Labovitz

Judith LaBret

Marlene Lafer

Iris Lajoie

Andrea Laker

Cathy Lambert

Valerie Lane

Lois and Mark Langberg

Gail Langer

Sheri Langwald

Paula and Andrew Lankin

Sissi Lapides

Merry Lapidus

Barbara and Sheldon Larky

Joseph and Stacey Lash

Allan and Suzanne Lasser

Melinda Lawery

Ardis Lawson

Gregory Lawson

Craig Lee

Laurie and Fred Leeb

Marcia and Michael Leibson

Kristin Lengjel-Sharum

Leonard H. and Lorraine Lerner Philanthropic Fund

Ganelle Lesnew

Maureen and Marshall Lett

Debbie Levin

Emily Levin

Patricia and Thomas Levine

Elise and Martin Levinson

Phyllis and Gary Levitt

Nancy Levy

Rena and Mark Lewis

Julie Lichtenberg Stern

Evie and Allen Lichter

Mark and Susan Lichterman

Nancy and Bud Liebler

Nancy and Dennis Liefer

Eric Linden

Renita Linkner

Jamie Lipson

Judy Lipson

Leslie and Jeffrey London

Janet Long

Robin Long

Andria Love-Berkley

Danita Love-Carter

Scott Lowell

Nancy and Howard Luckoff

Sherri and Edward Lumberg

Debra & Mark Luria

Joel Lutz

Linda and Eric Lutz

Lisa and Alex Macdonald

Julie and Chuck Mahaffey

Nancy Mahlin

Michelle and Nick Malamis

Nancy Malesh

Mark Maltzer

Susan Marinelli Silva

Barbara Markwell

Beth and Eli Maroko

Mary Jane and Daniel Maselli

MATA Investors, LLC

Valerie Matthews

Ann Maxwell

Maxine and Joseph Patrick McGlinnen

William and Emily McKeogh

Sam McKnight

Todd McMillan

Gloria Meer

Shelia and Marc Meissner

Paula and Melvin Menuck

Rochelle Mermelstein

Judith Meyers

Elaine and Lawrence Meyerson

Laurie Michelson

Michigan Jewish Sports Foundation

Jeff Miller

Mark and Rachel Ann Miller

Sandi and Jeffrey Miller

Becky and Sam Misuraca

Ellen Moore

Grace Smith and Nevin Morgan

Julie and Jeffrey Morganroth

Dennis Morse

Hannah and Dr. Gordon Moss

James and Karen Mrowka

Alexandra Mueller

Irene Mueller

Grindyl Munir

Linda Munson

Robin Tobin-Murav and Avery Murav

Cory Murphy

Joan (Joni) and Mel Muskovitz

Monni and Joel Must

Cheryl Mutnick

Beth and Ronn Nadis

Gerald Naftaly

Abbey and Kenneth Nathan

Jodi and Kevin Neff

David A. and Alicia R. Nelson

Brenda Neumann

Lynn and Jim Newman

Stacey Nichols

Barbara and Bill Nickel

Mignon and James Nicol

James Philip Norville

Terry and Jo-Anne Nosan

Debbi Nosanchuk

Marilyn and Joel Nosanchuk

Jerry Offen

Ruthanne Okun

Jessica, Jake, Emmett, Zev, and Ollie Olsman

Terry Oppenheim

Louise Oram

Christa Orf

Harriet and Gregg Orley

Judith and Norman Orr

Barbara Ossowski

Peter Ostrow

Debra and Richard Partrich

Sandra Pasmanter

Patrice Morris Phillips Family Philanthropic Fund

Eziell Patterson

Rhoda Paull

Karen and James Pawlak

Michelle and Garrett Pazur

Donna Pearlman

Suzanne and Alan Pearlstein

Rebecca and Nat Pernick

Christine Phelps

Aj Pighin

Pinsker Progressive Aid Society

Benzetta Pittman

Tsila Pleasant

Robert Pliskow

Jane Polan

Eileen and Richard Polk

Barbara Pollack

Shoshana and Leonard Pollack

Arnold Portner

Joyce Pratt

Judith Primak

Tracey Proghovnick

Veronica and Jeremy Pulford

Michael Radner

Stuart and Joshua Raider

Nancy and Cecil Raitt

Gary and Rhonda Ran

Marilyn Ratner

Ruth Rattner

Janine Reeves

Barbara and Samuel Reider

Sandi and Claude Reitelman

Anita and Alan Resnick

Theora Rhymes

Judith Richmond

Ezra and Naomi Roberg

Marsha Roberson

Shelley and Jeffrey Roberts

Marianne and Neal Robin

Judith Robins

Donald and Phyllis Rochen

Rosalind and Larry Rochkind

Gladys and Larry Rockind

Susan and David Rogers

Adam Root

Judith Roscow

Evelyn Rosen

Reva and Robert Rosen

Lisa Rosenbaum

Ann and Dr. David Rosenberg

Carol Rosenfeld

Cathy Rosenhaus

Donna Rosenthal

Karol and Doug Ross

Wendy and Jeffrey Roth

David  Rotter

Marquise Rowser

Lauren Ruben

Linda Ruben

Carol Rubenfaer

Shelly and Mark Rubenfire

Debbie Rubin

Jerrold and Dale Rubin

Michelle and Eddie Rubin

Rubin Frampton

David Rubinstein

Connie Ruby

Dina and Yuri Rudashevski

Rebecca and Robert Rutkoff

Lea Sakora

The Samson Family

Cathy Sanchez

Joni and Neil Satovsky

Rhonda and Steven Satovsky

Michele and Eli Saulson

Riki Schaffer

Lindsey Scharg

Linda Schechter

Jane Schelberg

Johannah and Sam Schiffer

Linda Schlesinger-Wagner

Ellen and Ronald Schmier

Karen Schoenberg

Susan and Alvin Schoenberger

Lauri and Robert Schuman

Arthur Schwartz

Carla Schwartz

Cindy and Gary Schwartz

Janet and Dennis Schwartz

Linda and Robert Schwartz

Marlene and Richard Schwartz

Merle and Ron Schwartz

Phyllis and Sheldon Schwartz

Scott and Shauna Schwartz

Georgia Scopas

Phyllis Scripsick

Elaine and Michael Serling

Vidya and Shirish Shah

Sherry and Steve Shanbom

Nancy and Tony Shapero

Walter Shapero

Timothy Shaw

Suzanne Shawn

Lawrence Shekoski

Kathy and Michael Shelden

Joyce Shelton

Aaron and Elizabeth Sherbin

Joyce and Donald Sherman

Pat Shields

Marci and Marvin Shulman

Dr. Marc and Lori Siegel

Ellen & Les Siegel

Michael Siegel

Susan and David Sillman

Beth Sills

Claudia Sills

Ryan Sills

Debra and Scott Silver

Karen and Keith Simmons

Barbara and Stewart Sims

Gary and Sheri Sinar

Carol Singer

Rita and Edwin Sitron

Susan Sivak

Barbara and Dr. Barry Skarf

Andrea and David Sklar

Donna and Bob Slatkin

Amy and Larry Smith

The Smith Family

Francine Snyder

Hayley Snyder

Cyndi Sorkin

Lillie Sorrell

Matt and Julie Sosin

Nancy and Neil Sosin

Nina Spinner-Sands

Jon and Karen Sriro

Robert Starkman

Stacey and Henry Starling-Boutros

Marion and Bert Stein

Alisa Stephens

Sharon Stephens

Deborah Stephens-Crout

Julie and William Stern

Norton Stern

Donna and Mel Sternfeld

Susan and Daniel Stettner

Helaine and Arthur Steuer

Jeanne Steuer

Einav Stewart

Cyndi and Michael Stone

Donna Stone

Deborah Streicker

Petsch Stroh

Karen and David Stutz

Karen and Jeffrey Sucher

Daniel Sugar

Gail and Alan Sugar

Joel Sugar

Choichi and Natsuko Sugawa

Darrell Summersville

Joan & Mike Sussman

Marc Sussman

Leigh-Ann Szabo

Julia Tapper

Henry Tarnow

Daniel Taylor

Temple Beth El

Ellen Tenner

Warren Tessler

Sari Tile Diskin

Laura and Lewis Tillman

Roberta and Sheldon Toll

Robert Tomasik

Annette and Leonard Topor

Kimberly Towns

Gloria and Richard Traitel

Nancy and Brent Triest

Frederick Trinker

Rebecca Tron

Heidi and Melvin Turbow

David Underdown

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Inc.

Heidi and Daniel Valeen

Patricia and John Versele

Jay and Marianne Victor

Charlene Wallace

Deborah and Richard Wallace

Jarred and Kim Wallace

Enid and Frederic Waller

Marie Walters Gill

Laurie and Benjamin Walton

Diana Warshay

Laurence Wasser

Maureen Wayne

Madelon and Richard Weber

Laurie and Howard Weinberger

Anne and L. Steven Weiner

Arnold Weiner

S. Eliot Weiner

Susan and Freddie Weiner

Jeffrey and Nancy Weinfeld

Elaine and Stanley Weingarden

Karen & Terry Weingarden

Marilyn and Cliff Weisberg

Katie & Mickey Weishaus

Adele Weisler

Donna and Richard Weiss

Gertrude and Arthur Weiss

Dawn Welch

Lorna G. Wells

Mary and Joseph White

White Pine Law Center

James Willis

Samantha and James Willis

Linda and James Wilson

Trudi and Henry Wineman

Allie and Eric Wizenberg

Shira and Lyle Wolberg

Marlene and David Wolf

Perle and Howard Wolpin

Jeanne and Mike Wong

Shira Woodside

Alice and James Xenakis

Marjorie and Josh Yaker

Michael Yatsko

Linda and Stanley Yolkiewicz

Elinor and Murray Yolles

Beverly and Alan Yost

Isam Younus

Patricia Yulkowski

Helaine and Andrew Zack

Rona and Morrison Zack

Jeffrey Zang

Miriam Zarchan

Neil Zechman

Michelle and Mike Zeid

Helena Zemlicka-Bosler

Lita Zemmol

Carol Ziecik

Gail and Lonny Zimmerman

Patricia Zobl

Audrey Zupmore

Emily Zussman

Gail Zussman

Jamie Zussman

Jennifer and Adam Zussman

Patti and John Zussman

Suzanne and Mark Zwiren