Event offered by Gesher Human Services during National Credit Education Month

Gesher Human Services, a Detroit area human service agency providing financial education, will offer a free webinar called Building Credit for Maximum Results at noon on Friday, March 15.

Michigan residents can register right up to the event at the events page at www.geshermi.org. The Gesher financial education one-day program is being offered during National Credit Education Month which aims to provide information on understanding and repairing credit scores.

“Many people don’t understand the impact of credit scores on their financial well-being, but your credit report is actually your financial power,” Gesher Financial Education Manager Laltsha Cunningham said in a press release. “Your score determines how much you pay for everything, for example it can affect the rates you pay for home and car insurance. And your score can even determine whether you get a job in some places as many employers do a credit check.”

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