Gesher Human Services offering paid direct care apprenticeship training program

It’s never been a better time to pursue a human services career.

The demand for workers is high and Gesher Human Services will be offering paid, on-the-job training for local residents.

“We have launched the apprenticeship because we are constantly hearing about people who would like to work in direct care but are told they aren’t suitable because they don’t have the needed experience,” Gesher Human Services COO James Willis said, in a news release. “Although being compassionate and caring are important requirements for direct care work, there are many skills that direct care professionals need, and we can now provide that specific training and the opportunity for people to start a new career for themselves.”

The new apprenticeship program provides unemployed and underemployed individuals with on-the-job training and 155 hours related technical instruction for a nationally recognized Journeyperson Direct Support Specialist Credential.

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