Gesher helps people with disabilities across metro Detroit get access to supportive housing and care services from trained professionals.

From 24-hour care to independent living with support, Gesher provides a full continuum of residential services for individuals with a mental health diagnosis to ensure all residents get the exact level of housing and support they need to live a fulfilling life.

This service continuum includes access to transportation for medical and psychiatric appointments, grocery shopping, psychosocial rehabilitative therapy and social outings, individual and group clinical services, education, vocational support, community volunteer opportunities, and social integration.

All Gesher homes are located in Oakland County, with single-family dwellings in Farmington Hills, West Bloomfield, Southfield, and Oak Park

Comprehensive Housing & Care

24-Hour Specialized Residential Homes

Our residential community homes have trained direct-care staff available 24 hours 7 days a week, assisting clients with all needs. This may include medication management, housekeeping, cooking, shopping, hygiene and other needs that arise.

Each home has a House Manager that supervises the direct-care staff and manages the administrative responsibilities of the home. Each home is purposefully designed, inside and out, to present as a single-family dwelling.

Assistive Housing & Care

CLS/Semi-Independent Living Homes

Semi-independent homes are available for individuals that may not need as much direct care, but still need housing and some support, which may include medication management, transportation, etc.

Common types of semi-independent care include medication management and transportation. Many individuals living in semi-independent homes or condos are employed or spend their time getting involved in the community by volunteering or participating in other daily activities.

Residential Services

24-Hour Specialized

Gesher’s 24-hour specialized residential care facilities provide supportive housing to those who require consistent support under a comprehensive service package.


Gesher’s semi-independent residential care facilities provide supportive housing to those who need assistive care to support their day-to-day activities.

Supportive Care When Needed

Community Living Supports

Gesher’s Community Living provides services to individuals who can still live in their own home, but would benefit from additional support. Depending on the level of care required, staff will visit with the resident daily, weekly, or several times per month to assist as needed.

In addition, all individuals enrolled in Community Living Services receive the same continuum of services as Gesher residential care clients, including transportation, educational and vocational support, therapy and social interaction, as desired.

Hear From Your Neighbors

Gesher provides a full host of support services for people, and they do so with a lot of respect and dignity. I think that’s really important for people who are otherwise feeling vulnerable or are afraid to ask for help.

Sandra S.

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